Let our legal experience and commitment work for you!

Van de Laarschot & Associates’ two full-time lawyers bring together a unique blend of knowledge, experience, reliability, and dedication to look out for your best interests.

We guarantee top quality legal assistance based on education from renowned universities, ample practical experience, and true commitment.

Our firm is well established in the local Curaçao community as we serve both our local and international clients and can accommodate clients in Dutch, English, German, and Papiamentu. Our trustworthy and thorough lawyers tailor to the specific needs of our customers.

For many years, our firm has enjoyed the trust of our clients including banking institutions, insurance companies, medical specialists as well as private individuals. We provide service in legal fields such as corporate law, employment law, administrative law and Intellectual Property (IP) law.

Mission Statement

Our lawyers are meticulous, reliable, and thorough and they pledge to give their clients the best legal advice and support.

Van de Laarschot Law Offices was first established in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands in 1976 by Paul van de Laarschot.

After 7 years of successful practice in The Netherlands, managing director Mr. Paul van de Laarschot moved to his native island Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean and established the law office in Punda in 1984.

The law office expanded its operations in January 2007 by purchasing the local law division of Ernst & Young thereby establishing itself as a key player in the Curaçaomarket.

In January 2010, the office made yet another move to the previous office of the former notary Van der Plank. It was then that the office was renamed to van de Laarschot & Associates.